I’ve changed. Whether the good kind or the bad sort, I don’t know. If people think I’ve leaned towards the bad, then I have no excuse. But every time I fall into the deep dark pit that is my conscience, I keep wishing for the old me to come back.

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I am missing high school so much—too much—today. I think I’ve always unconsciously missed it, but somehow tonight is different.

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To ease the pain

I read manga! Mostly shoujo because idk kilig makes me forget everything else… which is another way of saying that I am and will be forever alone. Currently reading:

  • Ao Haru Ride
  • Kitchen Princess

If you have suggestions or if you know good shojous pleaaaaaaase tell me!!!

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I have this sudden urge to reread Harry Potter, and this feeling that I might cry most of the time I’m reading it. Because reliving Harry is reliving the kid in me that I miss.

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The Melting Pot: 생일 축하 Fluffy person~ :DDD


The world in your eyes

I wonder how you see it

The works of your hands

Never fail to leave a smile

Spicing up reality

-MultiTaskerMe (c) 05/15/2012


Sorry if the tanka sucks, it’s been a while since I made a tanka *sobs* ;_;
To my…

So I was going through my messages on Tumblr when I saw this link. I miss you, Patai! I miss high school. I miss Wisdom. :’(

Ogling Google

Google’s so cute today! Happy Anniversary Star Trek!

If I could get the chance to see the BTS of how they make their graphics I’d probably look like a baby in a candy store. Click the red O, the door, and the control thingy in front. Hihi, nag-enjoy ako :(( =))

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