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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Cover)

I’ve always liked Debby Ryan, but this song just took my being a fan to a whole new level. I’m in love with this cover!

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We just got home from CCP! The Phantom of the Opera was beyond amazing!

Jonathan Roxmouth (the Phantom) was better looking than the guy who played Raoul even though a quarter of Roxmouth’s face was covered with make-up and a mask. Sorry, Raoul. You have great hair though. /lolz

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That feeling

So I was randomly following Divergent series-loving blogs, grinning at the Tris-Four shippers and shipping with them, liking posts about their dream cast, when BAM!

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What do you think of Paulo Coelho and John Green books? Just a week ago, I spent my remaining cash on The Alchemist and Looking for Alaska. I have finished the first and it was really good so I thought I'd buy more of Coelho's once I get to have money. The latter (I'm halfway to finishing it) is nice too, except I did not fancy the bits of mature content. Still, I'm a fan of John Green because he's cool and a nerdfighter lord. XD So yeah, never mind my story, just answer my initial question. TY

I love Paulo Coelho~ I’ve read a few of his books, but The Alchemist is number 1 for me. :) I’ve been wanting to try his latest books but I haven’t gotten to doing that. But he’s a great writer; not just his words and his way of stringing them together but the plot and content of his stories are amazing. I’ve started reading John Green books just recently, but Looking for Alaska is a book I’ve flipped through. A friend of mine has read it and she recommended it to me but, yeah, warned me of the mature part, haha! He’s a kick-ass writer all right. Witty like no other~ Coelho and Green’s styles of writing are somewhat different, but in a good way. Let’s discover their styles together! =)))

A re-abundance of books

I’ve been labeled as a bookworm since 5th grade, but for some reason (stress!) during my Senior year of high school I couldn’t focus on a good read anymore, and I was somehow confused on what genre my brain wanted me to read. Anyhoo, I’ve gone back to my old habit! Back then I would read until my eyes could only see double, and that would usually be at around 5 in the morning.

I guess the only habit I won’t ever run out of time for is procrastinating. I cannot understand why my brain is programmed into busying myself when the deadline’s less than 24 hours away, or like now, when it’s less than a week before school starts. Thus, for the whole of summer I’ve only been able to finish two books.

Fifty Shades of Grey originally started out as a Twilight fanfic, but with a twist. It is labeled mature as its content is erotic fiction. Yes, you guys, mature erotic fiction. it’s like Bella and Edward but with a whole other level of s* needs. You’re probably wondering why the heck I spent money on such a book (FYI, I bought this at Malaysia /facepalm). It’s simple really, I didn’t know what sort of book it was and I was honestly just curious—NOT about the erotic part (/shudders), but about why it was a bestseller (like I said I had zilch ideas). Not every New York Times Bestseller sells because people love a good book that takes you to places you’ve never been to (or something like that); sometimes people look for… something else. Lesson learned.

I can’t say that I read the entire book since I had to skip pages (for the love of all that’s pure and juvenile), but the only reason I finished it is because I really hate making assumptions with just a few pages. I was hoping that by the end of it, some unexpected event would happen. Just to clarify though, the book was not predictable… in any way, except for the “I’m in love with you but I can’t love you” theme. I do think Christian Grey has a lot more to say than Edward “Sparkly” Cullen. Oh and guess what else, it’s a trilogy!

The Perks of Being A Wallflower is a very familiar title, made even more familiar because of the movie adaptation to be played by Logan Lerman and Emma Watson. I just really, really love this sort of book. The kind where you stop and think of what the character just wrote down, or what he just did and why he did what he did. And then there’s a sudden realization, like BAM!, when you finish it, and you want to cry because you don’t want it to end yet. I don’t know if that’s just me though, but I couldn’t really stop thinking about it. So I had to write down what I thought to get the hangover over with.

"Charlie is special. He made me want to sob. His story’s ongoing without numbered pages now, and I’m feeling something I can’t explain. I think that I would really like to meet Charlie. If I meet him, I’d have to meet Sam and Patrick, and I think I’d be scared to. Charlie is special… because he understands. That’s one of the perks isn’t it? That’s being a wallflower. But sometimes understanding and putting others first isn’t always good. Standing in the middle of it all but not letting them know that you know, and letting them just be happy, not minding how you feel. It isn’t good. Once in a while, wouldn’t it be incredible to be righteously selfish. Once in a while, shouldn’t you stand up and wish for it to be your turn, for them to feel you around, for you to feel infinite.”

Thank you, Mr. Chbosky.

An Abundance of Katherines is a book I’ve yet to experience. John Green is a name I recognize, and I’ve been wanting to read his works for a long time now. Finally, a Green book is in my hands, still wrapped in dusty plastic. I hope the book is a lighter read since the two books up there have turned me into an emotional seesaw.

I’m also hoping that my old-newfound habit doesn’t turn me into a zombie. School starts this Wednesday, and I can’t be a sleepless wreck. Oh well. Suggest some titles if you have something good on your shelves! I’m open to anything… just no more mature content, please. D:

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