Guess what

I’m about to read a book. It’s blue but written by Green, and it will most likely end up on my favorite books list. Answer here! ;—-)

High school in college

Today started off like any other boring day.

Who am I kidding—I was beyond excited! The night before, my navy blue jumper (well, my sister’s), my blouse, my socks and shoes were ready. It was refreshing doing the old routine that I had to trash for college.

You’re probably wondering why today is so special. It was high school day for our block, but it turns out the other BM block thought of wearing their high school uniforms too! High school day for BM freshies!!! :)

We had a program-slash-test in Kas 1 today. Double the fun, aaaahhhhh! /excited keed/

The BM1B Twins, Carlo and Louie! :)

Bea E. and resident diva, Aejay! ;)

Prof. Nunag and Prof. Nunag.

I’ve always wondered what I looked like laughing. Is that weird? =))

©Aejay Mallari :)

We’re going to miss your “”“stories”“”, sir!

I want to do this again! Nothing beats the feeling of comfort and familiarity. I know I’m an Iska now and I’m proud of it, but I practically grew up wearing that navy blue jumper and it will always give me one of the best feelings ever.

We had it pretty easy the rest of the day. There was Math, same old same old, but it was our last official meeting for the sem, so yaaay!

Pau, Merwin, Lyka, Nicole and I (we missed you, Angel!) had another one of our Friday night dinner bonding date, this time at Tokyo Tokyo. We’ve declared October 5 as Happy Crush Day for reasons I will not tell you, trolol.

Today is definitely on my best days ever list. That in all things, God may be glorified! :)

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I got a pocket got a pocketful of sunshine; I got a love and I know that it’s all mine—oh, oh-oh~


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My day in bullets

  • Slept at around 2 in the AM because of James Dashner (currently reading The Maze Runner)~
  • Friends and I were supposed to meet at 10AM. I woke up late—10:45, thanks to a call from Donks. (Such a wonderful friend I am)
  • 15-minute prep time to get to the supermarket
  • Forgot my camera (thus photo-less post) and umbrella. It rained the moment I got off the wheeler. Wonderful.
  • Shopped for relief goods to bring to Scho!
  • Mang Inasal’s and their great chicken for lunch.
  • Got to Scho at around 12-ish,
  • Said hello to teachers,
  • Mr. Estrada asked me about the annual (hiiii AinaMegs =)) ) /facepalm
  • We toured the school (no tears this time, haha)
  • Sang The Last Badge at the new music room! ;)
  • Visited our old classroom (IV-WISDOM’S BACK)
  • Got our shoes wet going from the building to the rainbow-colored kiosk
  • Washed our feet clean at the drinking fountain—KIDDING. There were sinks along the front of the canteen :P
  • Ran to Sr. Gabby at the covered courts and helped with the packing (sorted out the clothes—pangbabaeng matanda/bata, panglalaking matanda/bata, costume/props lol)
  • Dropped the packed goods at San Isidro Elementary School
  • Walked from Scho to WalterMart, and had ice cream with Lyka
  • Home home home

Awesome, awesome day all in all. We might help again tomorrow. Setting my alarm to super loud and taking a mental note to bring my camera! It felt great to help :)

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